Troubleshooting Your Printer

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Troubleshooting Your Printer

When I was growing up, the only way to print something was to take it to school and hope that the technology lab could read your floppy disk. However, these days, most people have a printer at home that they can use whenever they need to. I don't know about your, but at my house, we have our fair share of trouble with our printer. Sometimes it jams, while other times we end up dealing with clogged print heads and streaky lines on our documents. Fortunately, I have learned how to troubleshoot these problems, and I want to share the solutions with you.

How to Keep T-Shirt Screen Prints from Fading

A very common issue with most t-shirts is fading. Not only can the color of the fabric fade, but the prints on the t-shirt may fade as well. This is especially true for t-shirts that are worn frequently. Here are a few tips that will help you keep the screen prints on your favorite t-shirts from dulling and fading.

Washing Your T-Shirts

T-shirt prints tend to fade and crack the most while in the washing machine. Therefore, you should ensure that you use the most gentle setting available when washing your t-shirts. Not only should you use the gentle setting, but you should also use gentle detergent. Before you throw your print t-shirt into the washing machine, you should turn it inside out. One major reason why the print of a t-shirt may fade is due to contact and friction with other clothes being washed. By simply turning the print t-shirt inside out, you will greatly minimize the amount of contact it makes with other fabrics.

Avoid Sunlight

Sunlight can also cause t-shirt prints to fade over time. Therefore, you should avoid having your print t-shirts dry outside, especially on sunny days. If you absolutely must hang your clothes outside to dry, keep the t-shirts turned inside out so that the print isn't as exposed to the sunlight. Instead of hanging clothes outside to dry, consider having the clothes hang inside your garage. The clothes may take somewhat longer to dry, but you won't have to worry about fading or violating homeowners' associations.

Using a Dryer

Otherwise, just use a dryer, but make sure you remember to keep the print t-shirts inside out beforehand. Avoid over-stuffing your dryer to prevent severe damage being inflicted on your clothes. Don't over-dry any of your garments. Excessive heat results in the fading of fabrics over time. To be safe, use a timer and take the clothes out of the dryer while they're still slightly wet. Also, the use of a spin dryer is one reason why prints start to fade and crack. Therefore, consider turning off the heat setting and using the tumbling process.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to keep your t-shirt prints from fading. The vast majority of the time, t-shirt prints fade due to lack of proper care and negligence. Just follow the tips discussed above and your print t-shirts will likely remain looking like new for quite some time.